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Tenants Page

Welcome to our Tenants page! 


Where Can I apply?

All interested parties are required to complete a rental application.  Please click on the button above to download a rental application. One application is required PER tenant (non-spousal), with a $45 nonrefundable application fee. 
Please turn in completed application and fee to the office, located at 1100 S. Main St. Suite 100 during operating hours.

What Forms of Payment are Acceptable?

Money order, cashiers check or personal check are acceptable options for payment.

When Is Rent Due?

Rent is due on the First of the Month.

A late fee will be added to any late rents; late fee is 10% of the monthly rent.

*All Maintenance requests must be received in writing.
*** IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY,  please call the emergency phone number listed on your lease. 
Download the maintenance form or stop by the office to fill out the form in person. 

What do I do if there is a Maintenance Issue?

How Do I renew my Lease?

Please Contact the Office so we can better assist you.

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